Feb 20, 2010


Kunekune is a kind of Japanese monster (Yokai). It was found 2000.
Since then, several reports of sighting of Kunekune have come on the Web.
It is said that the people who see through Kunekune go mad.

"Kunekune"is a Japanese imitative word. It means in Japanese "moving windingly"

I translated the first report of Kunekune.


May. 5. 2000

I heard this story from my brother. It is a true story.
My brother's friend "A" experienced it.

When A was a child, he went to the country with his brother.
It was sunny day and rice fields were grew luxuriantly.
Although they did not want to play outdoors, they played in the house.

Suddenly, the brother moved to the window. A took out after him.
A looked at the direction of his brother's eyes, there was a person.
The person in white clothes stood.
(He could not guess the sex of the person.)
"What are the person doing there ? " A looked at the person.

Then, the person began dance windingly.
"Dance ? " But the dance was very odd and unnatural.
The turns of joints were not like humans.

A got the willies at the odd dance, he asked his brother.
"Hey, what is that? Can you guess ?"
His brother answered "I don't know...... ".

Just after, his brother seemed to understand what is that.
A asked his brother. "You know? Tell me!"
Thought his brother said. "Yes, I got it. But you might not guess that."
He didn't tell A what was that.

A still does not know what was that.

I said my brother. "Is that over? Why does not A ask his brother about it?"
That didn't sound right to me.
My brother answered. "A can't this. His brother got mad."

Original text: "分からないほうがいい… (Wakaranai hou ga ii...) " http://homepage3.nifty.com/kaidan/ghost129.htm (Japanese)

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